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Recent Case Victories

Resisting Arrest ….. DISMISSED
Resisting Arrest ….. DISMISSED
Assault on an Officer ….. DISMISSED
Grand Theft ….. DISMISSED
Armed Robbery ….. NOT GUILTY
Shooting At Vehicle ….. NOT GUILTY
Felony Child Abuse ….. NOT GUILTY
Assault w/Deadly Weapon ….. DISMISSED
Peeping ….. DISMISSED
Hit & Run ….. DISMISSED
Hit & Run ….. DISMISSED
Grand Theft ….. NOT GUILTY
Domestic Violence ….. DISMISSED
Drug Sales ….. NOT GUILTY
Grand Theft Auto ….. HUNG JURY
Robbery w/Knife ….. HUNG JURY
Street Racing ….. NOT GUILTY
Battery ….. DISMISSED
Battery & Resisting ….. DISMISSED
Resisting Arrest ….. DISMISSED
Battery on Officer ….. DISMISSED


Choosing an attorney is not a simple task. Some find it easier to go with someone they heard about through a mutual friend or family member. Most, however, look for someone that has a proven track record.

Success does not come from thin air. Hard work, focus, good judgment, and patience go into creating courtroom victories. Wherever you find these kinds of results shows you a very important fact—the person who created them was dedicated to getting them in the first place.

What you will find in the Court Victories within this site are the results of determined focus and careful attention to preparation. No two cases are alike—much like individual clients. But when winning comes from a single source, no one can ignore the hard work that made it happen.

Additionally, in cases of dismissals, a great deal of credit must be given to the prosecutors who chose to make good decisions that favored justice.  As in all professions, one finds those that are committed to finding the truth and those that do not rise to such levels.  Not all victories are born on the shoulders of a single person—nor are good results always the efforts of one side alone.

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