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How to Testify in Court

How to Testify in Court   At first glance, you maybe thinking, “Why would anyone need to write something about this, you just tell the truth.” And that may be true. But court testimony is no the same as an average conversation you would have with your friends or family. When a person has to testify in court, it will feel like the opposite of a normal conversation. Which is why this article was written for those who are anxious about having to testify in court.   It should be noted that this does not just apply to defendants in a criminal case or...

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Case Dismissal: How to Get a Criminal Case Dismissed

How to Get a Criminal Case Dismissed Clients who face criminal charges often ask what it takes to get the case dismissed. After all, nobody wants to have convictions on their records if there is any possible way to avoid it.  For those who can obtain the coveted result of having their criminal case dismissed, it doesn't happen out of thin air. But before an experienced criminal lawyer embarks on that road, there are several things to consider about the case and whether or not it has the marks of a case that can be dismissed. There are many misconceptions about the criminal...

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