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Business Violations

Business Violations (aka: Municipal Code Violations)

For business owners who commit infraction and misdemeanor offenses, the Penal Code as well as the Business & Professions Code establish some guidelines that makes certain acts punishable like crimes.


The list is very lengthy in terms of what kinds of crimes can be committed by a business, therefore, not all will be listed on this site. For further discussions or a deeper understanding of some violations, contact our office for a thorough review of your case.


Examples of Business Municipal Violation Offenses:

  • Illegal Signs, banners, window placements
  • Outside storage or goods or equipment
  • Lack of landscape maintenance
  • Sell of Liquor/Alcohol to minors
  • Disturbing the Peace (usually from loud music)
  • ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) violations
  • Door-to-Door Soliciting
  • Distribution of Flyers
  • Nuisance
  • Illegal Public Activity
  • Message Establishment without a permit
  • Operating without a Business License

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