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Among the handful of focus areas Bart Kaspero practices in the law, he has extensive experience in complex drug crime cases. This site, therefore, is intended to help you navigate the many hurdles that come drug laws in our courts.

No one ever wants to think they would ever have to look for an Lawyer—especially a criminal defense Lawyer. But the truth is, anyone who faces an arrest or a charge by local police should consult with one. So how does one go about finding one? And how do you decide which one to go with?

Your criminal defense Lawyer is your representative: he or she represents your good character, your side of the story, your defenses to the charge against you, and your adviser on what the criminal justice system has planned for you—and how it should be navigated. But if you’re like most people, you don’t know what makes a good one and what doesn’t.

Arson Law Criminal Threats Juvenile Offense
Assault Lawyer Disturbing the Peace Law Municipal Code Violations
Assault with a deadly weapon DMV Hearings Sexual Assault Lawyer
Attempt Crime Domestic Violence Law Stolen Property Law
Bad Checks Driving on a Suspended License Reckless Driving
Battery Lawyer Drug Crimes Resisting Arrest Charge
Battery on an Officer DUI Lawyer Robbery Law
Burglary Law Criminal Record Expungements Sex Related Crimes
Business Violations Federal Offenses Theft Crimes
Child Abuse Lawyer Fraud Lawyer Three Strikes Law
Child Endangerment Law Firearms Law Vandalism Law
Conspiracy Law
Hit and Run Law Violation of Probation
Corporate Crime Law
Homicide Lawyer Types of Warrants
Resisting Arrest Without Violence Police Officer Crimes
Illegal Search
Police Misconduct  Expungement
Police Brutality Lawyer
Suing the Police  (Clean-Up Criminal Record)
Defamation Lawyer
Drug Possession Lawyer