About The Firm

Centrally located in the heart of Orange County, Kaspero Law is skilled at analyzing, preparing, investigating, negotiating, and litigating criminal charges.


To understand your position in a criminal case, you must be fully aware of what kinds of facts work for or against you (if any). This is the key in establishing a solid defense for the purpose maximizing your chances at better offers or outright victory in the courtroom.


To do this, we retain both civil and criminal investigators — some whom happen to be former officers and district attorney detectives. While not necessary, it’s best to have several perspectives on a particular case to make sure you are not overlooking a key aspect that a jury or judge would consider over other factors. This is one of the things that sets our firm apart.

Investigators do what’s necessary to build a h2 factual background in your case by doing all or some of the following: interviewing witnesses, obtaining records, measuring crime scene, obtaining expert opinions, and organizing complicated and hard to understand subject material.

When the time is right, we will help you make the best choices for the progress of your case.


Some say a defendant’s fate rests in the hands of judge who may or may not have had a good breakfast that morning. We need to know much more than that. The judges in Southern California criminal courts have personalities just like everyone else. Some tend to favor rehabilitation, so long as there are good arguments to support it. Others prefer to see a positive step forward by the defendant before they would consider what you want. It is essential to know the difference between these judges and where your best options will be.

Bart Kaspero uses his specialized knowledge to guide you through our complicated court system. It doesn’t make sense to walk into what may be the most important legal issue you’ve ever faced without indeed knowing who you’ll be facing.


In the world of lawyers, there are two: Those who litigate and those who don’t. In certain areas of law, it’s unnecessary to fight in a courtroom. However, when it comes to Criminal Defense, there is no other way-and it must be done as skillfully as possible.

From the first glance at the police report, a good defense lawyer will have to have the ability to see into the future on several factors: which witnesses will be available, how will they testify, will other witnesses corroborate their testimony, will documents hurt or help them, will an expert be needed. The list can potentially be endless.

To mount a successful defense, you must have a defense lawyer with the right skills and experience. We pride ourselves on maneuvering successfully through the complex jury trial world. We have a solid base of courtroom victories—a well-earned testament to our expertise and dedication.


Mr. Kaspero handles every kind of criminal charge; from DUIs to homicides. This level of experience is necessary in ways you may not imagine.

For example, if you were to be arrested for drug possession where there can be some argument that it was possessed for the purposes of selling, your case has become completely different if and when the District Attorney’s office chooses to file sales charges against you. An attorney who has only handled drug possession cases may not have the experience necessary for a distribution case.

Another example is a DUI that results in another person being seriously hurt. After the driver is arrested for felony DUI (due to the injury), it could be possible that the victim eventually dies. Now, depending on the circumstances of the case, the driver could be facing anything from Vehicular Manslaughter to Murder. An attorney that has only handled DUIs is unlikely to be well-equipped to handle the complexities of a murder trial that is in all likelihood fast approaching.

No matter what your charges, the Kaspero law has the skills and dedication to defend you.
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