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How to Terminate Probation Early in a Criminal Case

ending a probation early

[1] The best starting point to terminate probation would be to gather as much supporting evidence in an organized fashion that provide a diligent judge to review your specific set of circumstances. [2] The second-best thing to do would be to seek an attorney experienced in drafting, serving, and filing petitions to terminate probation with a proven track record you can rely on.  Read more below...

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Getting a Job with a Criminal Record

Getting a Job with a criminal record

Getting a Job with a Criminal Record The Many Ways a Criminal Record Affects Getting a Job - And What You Can Do About It. Getting a job with a criminal record is not impossible.  But to be completely frank, the ways in which a criminal record can affect getting a job are overwhelming.  And the level that a criminal record will weight in on an employer's decision to grant an interview, hire, or promote you will also complicate the process.  For so many people who have been through the criminal justice system, the past is always relevant whenever they decide to look...

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How to Expunge a Criminal Record in California

Testify in Court

If you are seeking a new job, career, license, or other position involving a background check, or you simply want to protect your reputation and legacy now and in the future, there are steps you can take to expunge a criminal record in California. Not all crimes can be expunged, and expungement can be a multi-step process, but the rewards of expungement often make it worth it. Here are the basic steps on how to expunge a criminal record in California. Collect All of Your Criminal Records For most people seeking an expungement in California, the goal is to expunge as many...

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How Long is a DUI on My Record?

For How Long is a DUI on my record? Once you successfully complete the term of probation, you can apply for an expungement to get the conviction off your criminal record. The value of this is that you don't have to disclose your conviction to employers. However, just because the conviction is expunged from your record doesn’t mean it is gone, it is still a priorable offense if you get another DUI within the next ten years. A priorable offense means that the court may consider another DUI within ten years when sentencing you on a second or third DUI. Can I get...

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Criminal Charges on Your Record

Criminal Charges On Your Record The real consequences that come with having criminal charges on your record are very misunderstood. What most believe about their criminal record is motivated by their fear of the unknown. Like credit reports, we have no idea how much our lives will be effected by the decisions we have made or the challenges we have faced—and we may never get the chance to explain ourselves to the people that may be judging us for it. Information technology has changed everyone’s lives and it will continue to do so. Knowing who can access your criminal files and how it’s...

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Do Drug Charges Show on Criminal Background Checks?

Criminal Background Checks California's Central Criminal Records Repository All fifty states, including California, has a central repository where criminal records are stored. Upon arrest or conviction, local law enforcement agencies and courts are supposed to transmit the information to the repository. California's central records repository is located at the Department of Justice. The repository is tasked with maintaining the records and limiting their dissemination to the public, as laws have been passed in California to greatly limit access with few exceptions. Private employers still often want to check the background of employees and many procure records in other ways. A recent survey revealed...

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