• CBD Food

    CBD Law and CBD Products What is behind CBD Laws and why CBD Products stand in Regulatory Purgatory What are CBD laws and how do they effect CBD products?  Go ahead and search for any tincture, lotion, vitamin, or food product that has any relation to CBD and you will find a wonderful bag of [...]

  • Hash Oil Extraction License

    Hash Oil Extraction License – What you need to know URGENT LEGAL NOTICE: For those with past marijuana-related offenses, California now allows certain specified crimes to be dismissed or reduced to less serious charges.  Therefore, those who wish to participate in the new regulated cannabis industry are strongly urged to take advantage of these new [...]

  • Concentrates and Extraction Law As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, so do the definitions of "drug labs".  Recently, a highly-regarded testing lab was raided in Pasadena--resulting in two arrests for the illegal manufacturing of concentrates.  If the arrests had anything to do with illegal concentrates and extraction methods, does that mean everyone who makes dabs fall under California's [...]