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Got a Grand Jury Investigation Target Letter?

If you got a grand jury investigation target letter, you must pay careful attention to what you are about to read. What this means is that the department of justice (DOJ) is currently investigating you for potential violations of federal law and that it concerns a serious violation. Receiving a target letter (as it is commonly referred to) often begs the following question: "Now what?" What is a Target Letter? A federal target letter means that there is a formal federal investigation on your past or current activities. This is sometimes referred to as a FBI target letter, and it essentially means that the government...

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Dune’s Magic Mushroom Origin Story

Dune Magic Mushroom

The importance of Dune within the science fiction genre is akin to discussions of Microsoft and Apple in the birth of personal computing.  By dozens of accounts, Dune is arguable the most popular science fiction book of all time.  But few know about Dune’s magic mushroom origin story and how profound of an influence it may have had on the books creator. In Frank Herbert’s novel, a laundry list of timeless themes and topics emerges, including: power, male/female dynamics, religion, politics, psychology, ecology, and a mystical substance that expands consciousness and causes entire galaxies to fight over the rights to cultivate...

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California Price Gouging Law

What is a price gouging law?  It may seem intuitive to some, but many are surprised that there is such as thing in California.  The penalties can be steep if violated and there are many different kinds of goods or services that qualify under the law.  If you or someone you know is involved in such a case, the following may provide some basic information on how to navigate it.  If immediate help is needed Contact Us. What is the Price Gouging Law? In simple terms, price gouging has to do with taking advantage of consumers by increasing costs on essential goods...

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Why Humans Drink & Get High

Why Humans Drink & Get High Before undertaking this kind of topic, a few things need to be clarified.  The medical, treatment, and law enforcement communities can disagree about the different ranges between alcohol or drug "use," "abuse," and "addiction."  Not all people who have tried alcohol or drugs have "abused" them.  And not all individuals who have used mind-altering chemicals have experienced "addiction".  Thus, this discussion postulates the multifaceted reasons why humans as a species are drawn to these experiences in the first place.  For a long time now, the notion that "getting high" to have fun or "running away...

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California Senate Seeks to Raise Punishment for BHO Labs

Punishment for BHO Labs Could Soon Be Aggravated Felony California's Senate approved a bill to increase the punishment for BHO labs in the state this week, further showing the growing sentiment against the manufacturing of Butane Hash Oil (AKA: BHO, Dabs, Wax, Shatter, etc.). The current punishment for BHO labs is already a felony.  But the pending legislation could allow judges to increase the severity of the sentence for the charge where the activity is conducted in a residential area.  Senate Bill 212 passed unanimously by a bipartisan vote and will now move forward for consideration by the State Assembly. Supporters of the bill...

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How Long is a DUI on My Record?

For How Long is a DUI on my record? Once you successfully complete the term of probation, you can apply for an expungement to get the conviction off your criminal record. The value of this is that you don't have to disclose your conviction to employers. However, just because the conviction is expunged from your record doesn’t mean it is gone, it is still a priorable offense if you get another DUI within the next ten years. A priorable offense means that the court may consider another DUI within ten years when sentencing you on a second or third DUI. Can I get...

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A Rare Glimpse Into the Blurred Lines of Justice

It's not often the public gets to see this kind of justice-system drama. But the 9th Circuit described it as alarming. And the AG's were put into a difficult position because of it. OC Weekly provides a look into the ruling that could carry shockwaves down the road. Here's the Link: http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/2015/02/moxley_confidential_tunstall_dekraai_goethals.php ...

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Marijuana Bread in OC Tests Positive for Synthetic Cannabis

A popular Epiphany bread sold by a local bakery that left over 40 people sick has resulted in an investigation that has revealed synthetic marijuana among the ingredients. Synthetics, sometimes referred to as "spice" mimics the psyoactive properties of cannabis have been found to be more dangerous than the real deal. Under California Law, it is illegal to sell or distribute synthetic cannabinoids under Health and Safety Code 11375.5(a). Two separate investigations are pending based on the additional involvement of the Orange County Health Care Agency. ...

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Newport Beach Police DUI Jingle

It's lighthearted, doesn't go too far, and keeps to the point. Check out Newport Beach Police Department's holiday jingle to not drink and drive. Have a safe holidays everyone! Some Basics on DUI Arrests and DUI Charges Nobody expects to spend the night in jail for driving drunk.  That's the problem.  Few DUI cases involve someone actually being the kind of "drunk" that we think of.  There are PSA's out there that tell us "driving buzzed is driving drunk".  There's a little bit of truth to that statement in that many DUI clients (if not most) didn't think they were really drunk. The...

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