Consumable Goods and Hidden Contaminants

ContaminantsFrom dietary supplements to organic foods, the marketplace is at war.  Countless individuals turn over items at grocery stores to read ingredients labels and scan long lists alongside them for buzzwords that we have been trained to be weary of based on our individual needs.

What is less known to the average consumer is that the very products we put into our mouths can harm us in irreversible ways—most shockingly relating to dietary supplements.

Dietary Supplements and Harmful Chemicals

Our firm’s clients are often speechless when they come to learn that their vitamins, performance enhancers, minerals, and health supplements carry some dangerous substances within them.

Most notably, at the time of this article’s publication, over 1,300 dietary supplements in the past 30 years have been flagged for carrying dangerous chemicals like lead, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, chromium, and even anabolic steroids.  What is more disturbing is that these are only the products that have been tested in open scrutiny for California’s Proposition 65 warning requirements.  Leaving the average consumer to wonder what other supplements are being purchased daily that have hovered under the radar?

CarcinogensCarcinogens & Reproductive Harm

Despite the notable findings and conflicted research related to many carcinogens, there are some chemicals that are almost universally accepted as causing developmental toxicity, cancer, and irreversible harm to both male and female reproductive functions.  Lead and lead compounds have consistently ranked at the top of those chemicals.  And yet, lead continues to appear in some of the most mundane grocery items (such as dried ginger) and health supplements (like Turmeric).

Proposition 65

Our office investigates and prosecutes operators within the supply chain who have either failed to conduct adequate lab testing for known carcinogens or who have failed to warn the average consumer of the harmful contents within their products.

Dietary SupplementsBy working with concerned citizens who have experienced sudden allergy-like reactions or alarming symptoms associated with toxicity, we have uncovered numerous violations by sending the most likely consumable goods for testing at nationally recognized laboratories.

We pride ourselves on our ability to facilitate appropriate remedial actions between manufacturers and members within the supply chain to protect the public from further harm and leave a lasting regulatory mark on compliance departments who are then committed to providing due diligence to the average consumer.

If you or someone you know has experienced sudden changes to your body after introducing new dietary supplements to your daily intake regimen, we encourage you to contact us directly to evaluate whether or not you have been exposed to a toxic substance that has failed detection within the marketplace.