Criminal DefenseFinding yourself under arrest, facing a criminal trial, or the subject of a local, state, or federal criminal investigation is no joke. Depending on the type of criminal charges you face, you can be looking at incarceration in a state or federal prison, high criminal fines, and years of damage to your reputation within your profession and community. But with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney dedicated to protecting your rights and winning the best outcome in your case, there are many legal strategies you can pursue to reduce, minimize, or dismiss criminal charges. Newport Beach criminal defense attorney Bart Kaspero has represented defendants in criminal trials and investigations across Orange County, winning the “unwinnable” courtroom victories on behalf of his clients and earning him a spot as one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers as named by the National Trial Lawyers Association several years running.

Elite Criminal Defense in Orange County and Beyond

Attorney Bart Kaspero has earned his reputation as a top courtroom criminal defense lawyer by passionately advocating for his clients in all types of criminal cases, from initial investigations and inquiries through all hearings, indictments, and on to trial. Whether you are facing a DUI charge, white collar investigation, or theft, violent, or drug crime charge, he has the experience to go up against law enforcement and prosecutors to enforce your constitutional rights, pursue innovative and intelligent defense strategies, and make sure your best defense is presented at all stages of investigation, pretrial, and trial.

Kaspero represents defendants and investigation subjects in the following areas of criminal law:

Assault and Battery
Theft Crimes
Sexual Assault
Domestic Violence
Drug Possession and Distribution
Public Intoxication
Resisting Arrest

Criminal LawyerDon’t Face Prosecutors and Investigators Alone

Regardless of your level of involvement in any alleged crime (or lack thereof), one of the worst things that you can do as a potential criminal defendant is to talk to police, other law enforcement or investigators, or prosecutors alone without an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side. Even if you believe there is little to no chance of your being arrested and/or put on trial, investigators have years of experience in manipulating subjects into incriminating themselves in ways that can lead to arrests, indictments, and guilty verdicts, even if the subject had no involvement in the crime and/or believes the information he or she is providing to investigators is harmless.

An Experienced Orange County Defender in Your Corner

It is your constitutional right to have a defense attorney at your side during all police questioning and during all stages of a criminal investigation or prosecution, and requesting that all questioning cease until you are represented by your attorney cannot be held against you. As your criminal defense attorney, Bart Kaspero will aggressively and intelligently defend your rights during all police questioning and pretrial investigations while forging your best legal strategies for a reduction in charges and/or a complete defense to all charges.

If you are the subject of a criminal investigation or have been placed under arrest, contact Orange County criminal defense attorney Bart Kaspero today for a consultation to discuss how he can best protect your rights while defending your freedom in all criminal matters.

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