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Supreme Court to Review Police Misconduct Tazing

Malaika Brooks was seven-months pregnant and with her 11 year old son in the car when whe was pulled over for speeding one day in 2004.

The two Seattle police officers who had pulled her over cited her for driving 32 mph in a 20 mph zone. Although she accepted the ticket once handed to her, she did not want to sign it because she had incorrectly believed it would have been an admissin of guilt had she done so.

The Biggest Misconception of the Criminal World

Why is it so hard to believe? If you find out that there was a mysterious growth inside your body and that it was necessary to surgically remove it, you would never ask the surgeon, “So give me an exact amount, what’s this going to cost me?”

As if the doctor, right there with the x-ray in their hand, knows exactly how long the procedure will last, exactly how many complications will come up, and exactly how successful the operation will ultimately be. Why is that?