Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Sometimes people have experimented with drugs but no longer engaged them again. Others are regular users but do not use that heavily. Either way, some will still have the tools they used to experiment with drugs in their possession and they can be charged with a crime for doing so.

Many are confused with this crime because there seems to be many vapor shops and marijuana pipe shops that carry the very devices someone can be charged with. What turns out to be the determining factor is the surrounding circumstances in which the device was found. This can be a complicated task when circumstantial evidence comes into play.

An experienced drug lawyer will know the ins and outs of how someone can navigate this charge with little to no punishment. It may not compare with the more serious California drug offenses available out there, but a charge or arrest such as this can affect someone’s school and work history for a very long time. Therefore it’s best to seek professional help I making sure the case is taken care of the right way.

Criminal Charge Individual Law Type
Possession of Drug Paraphernalia 11377(a) H&S Code Health and Safety Misdemeanor