Driving on a Suspended License (Vehicle Code 12500 & 14601)

Two common types of charges in criminal court (even though they are vehicle code offenses) are driving on a suspended license.

1. California Vehicle Code Section 12500

To put it simply, this is driving without being licensed by the DMV. This is basically “driving without a license”. It isn’t that complicated to figure out what it takes to be charged with this offense. First you had to be driving. Second, you didn’t have a license. Most people who catch this charge don’t face any jail time and usually pay a minimal fine with some probation. Some drivers can avoid a misdemeanor by pleading guilty to an infraction instead.

2. California Vehicle Code Section 14601

The more common offense is for someone to be driving on a license that is currently suspended. This offense carries more of a penalty than VC 12500 above. Too many points on your DMV record, suffering from a physical disability (like someone who suffers from seizures) or having a DUI charge will suspend your license (both temporarily and permanently depending on the circumstances).

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