The case against a local journalist that had been involved in one of the Occupy Wall Street (OCW) arrests had his case dismissed on Tuesday after Judge Sciarrino found him not guilty of disorderly conduct.

The evidence that seemed to convinced the Manhattan Criminal Court judge was that the arresting officer’s testimony that purported to support his arrest flew in the face of contradictory video footage from another videographer, Tim Pool, that was present at the protest as well.

Many of the protesters that were arrested were offered an Adjournment in Contemplation of Dismissal, (which is Orange County’s equuivalent of a “DA continuance”). Alexander Arbuckle, the man acquitted of the charges, chose to fight it. Congratulations to Mr. Arbuckle for standing his ground, as well as to the attorneys who had worked on his case to secure such a well-deserved victory.

You may find the full article by the Gothamist at the following link:

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