Remove Marijuana Charge from Your Criminal Record

Do you want to remove marijuana charge from your criminal record?  For those who have been arrested, charged, or convicted of certain marijuana-related offenses in California, the time has come where many of those charges can now be dismissed, reduced, or entirely removed.

Remove Marijuana ChargeThis will of course depend on what type of charge it was (sales, possession, transportation).

Many of these charges, even though designated as felonies in the past, can be either reduced to misdemeanors or outright dismissed.

The benefits to these dismissals and reductions is immeasurable and will have lasting benefits to those who suffered from having a criminal record.  Employment, schooling, housing, reputation, and even the ability to be involved in the now-regulated cannabis industry will be effected by these laws.

How to Remove Marijuana Charges

If you wish to get started immediately, you can submit a quick evaluation form: RECORD REMOVAL

Your age at the time of the offense is also important, and part of the factors needed to evaluate whether or not you qualify for dismissal or for a reduction of your marijuana charge.  Because of these complexities, you may want to discuss your case or at least have it evaluated briefly by an experienced attorney.

For those who wish to learn more about the process, read on.

New Marijuana Re-Sentencing & Redesignation Scheme

The procedure for this new sentencing scheme is often referred to as “redesignation” , “re-sentencing” or simply petition for dismissal.  It became legal to file special petitions with the court that had jurisdiction over the case around 2016 when a new Proposition went into effect to help those who were arrested and convicted of specified marijuana-related offenses.

The following is a brief reference guide for those who can reduce or remove marijuana charges:

H&S Code §11357(a) “Possessing less than 28.5 grams or 4 grams of concentrated cannabis”
H&S Code §11357(c) “Possessing more than 28.5 grams or 4 grams of concentrated cannabis”
H&S Code §11357(d) “Possessing less than 28.5 grams or 4 grams conc.cann on school grounds”
H&S Code §11358      “Cultivation of Marijuana [Plants, grow house, grow operation]”
H&S Code §11359      “Possession for Sale or Marijuana”
H&S Code §11360      “Giving away without compensation or transportation”

Keep in mind, that some have marijuana records that were not treated the same way as other individuals due to having different criminal records (prior charges, enhancements, etc.).  Therefore, it’s important to note the even though someone may have been sentenced to prison for the same charge that someone else secured local time or a program, both are eligible for reduction or dismissal.

Get Started: Remove Marijuana Charges Now

remove marijuana chargeThere really isn’t much reason to wait while it’s available.  Taking the time to prepare your petition with the court can save you valuable time before applying for a job, housing, school, security clearance, or just for purposes of protecting your reputation.  To remove marijuana charges, you can also fill out a quick evaluation using this link: REMOVE RECORD FORM

For additional information, you may also want to read about how criminal background checks will be conducted in the new regulated cannabis industry in California.  You can read about that here: Background Checks for Marijuana Licenses.

Finally, after you successfully remove marijuana charges from your record, we encourage you to contact us for further criminal record privacy.  To learn more about that, you can go here: Criminal Record Info.

As always, you can contact us directly to discuss in more detail your particular circumstances.