Technology Law

Technology Law

Virtually every business and consumer is touched by technology, and there are countless ways in which our digital lives can become disrupted for negligent and malicious ways. Digital media has become the new currency for many individuals and industries—such that our work in “bits” can be the start of a difficult and fast-paced legal war.  Apart from the idea that every technological footprint can be attached to virtually any area of law practice, some issues require far greater appreciation for STEM disciplines.  In particular, issues of source code ownership, fair use, and proprietary business channels are of primary importance for innovators and investors alike.  Similarly, more nuanced areas like data breach and privacy pull even more know-how and make it necessary to understand both industry and legal information.

Trade Secrets & Piracy

For companies that outsource some or all of their business operations, it comes as a shock to learn the heart of their companies secrets have been breached or stolen for competitive advantage. Much like malware, the victim does not discover until the information has been appropriated or exposed to the public domain.

Consumer online marketplaces are also as hotbed of potential IP/copyright infringement violations.  Many don’t understand that most materials are protected from unauthorized distribution and can land the unsuspecting into serious lawsuits.

What could complicate these matters more are issues of open source projects, activism, and fair use. Media research centers are increasingly becoming more prominent actors in the circuit courts and provide very volatile results to firms who could find themselves without direction.


Privacy, in its many forms, can be an illusion to some. However the attention placed on many large-scale data-breach scares has brought new light to what we hold sacred and information we would not know exists about us. Fortunately the legal system affords us with many tools to combat misuse of telecommunications and we can find solutions to what first appear as tragedies.


Contractual rights such as SaaS and PaaS are far more complex than standard legal license agreements.  With the rise of IoT businesses and other platform based products, many businesses and individuals are faced with copy first/monetize later tactics that land entities of all sizes in court.  What differentiates the results of these cases are the hard-fought minute details in the subject matter.  A dedicated team and diligent analysis are what’s necessary to get a fighting chance at victory.